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Kansas City Sealcoating

Kansas City SealcoatingOur asphalt company recently completed Sealcoating for this shopping center @ 4281 Sterling Ave Kansas City, MO 64133 We cleaned the surface filled major cracks with hot rubber seal and applied MAC PRO-BLEND a polymer modified asphalt sealer with two coats on driving lanes and entrances

More is better: 2 coats compared to 1 will offer 2-5 times more material. Therefore, 4-6-8 years protection, even in snow country. After Cleaning with a wire broom and air blower for an impeccable clean surface, the first coat is intended to absorb and adhere. It restores oil for aggregate resiliency and elasticity, within. The afternoon second coat is a thick application that continues to close pits and voids, while offering tremendous protection from water penetration and drying effects of solar radiation, 300+ annual days.

Photos of the Kansas City Sealcoating

Kansas City Sealcoating Kansas City Sealcoating

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