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Asphalt Maintenance

asphalt maintenance kansas city mo

Laying asphalt on your property is a major investment that enhances your home or business and provides you and your guests with immediate access to your doorstep. So it's important to keep your asphalt surface looking good year after year. Our complete asphalt maintenance service covers all stages of your asphalt from beginning to end. We offer top quality asphalt sealcoating, too, which protects your asphalt from moistures, hard stains, extreme temperatures, and sunlight. From there we can also fix and repair your asphalt as needed. Our service is designed to keep your asphalt in excellent condition and looking great through every season. Call today to learn more about our asphalt sealcoating and maintenance services.

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Asphalt Repairs

asphalt repairs kansas city mo

Even the best laid asphalt will eventually begin showing signs of wear and tear. A proper inspection by our Kansas City asphalt contractors can reveal that your asphalt is beginning to crack, crumble up, or even reveal potholes in key areas where traffic is high. Whether it's a parking lot, street, driveway, or other accessway, once your asphalt starts breaking down, the best solution is to fix it right away. This greatly slows down deterioration and preserves the life of your asphalt for many years to come. Our asphalt repair service fixes all damaged areas from the immediate surface all the way down to the base, and even helps you touch up markings and lines. Call us if you need asphalt repairs in Kansas City, MO or nearby.

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Pothole Patching

pothole patching kansas city mo

When potholes form in your asphalt, the results can be hazardous to pedestrians, cause needles damage to vehicles, and also hurts the beauty of your property. Although many home and business owners want to avoid pothole repairs, the process is actually quite simple, easy, and affordable. By filling in potholes you minimize greater damage and repair costs to your asphalt. Our Kansas City asphalt repairs team can fill in all the potholes with fresh new asphalt mix, smooth it out and fully restore your surface once again. When it comes to pothole patching in Kansas City and the surrounding areas of Missouri and Kansas, no one beats our asphalt repair company.

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Excellent! These folks came on time and did a great job. Asphalt sealing isn't a "neat" job, but they were very careful and did a nice, neat job. I'll definitely recommend them to others, and use them again myself when the time comes!
- Doug C. in Independence, MO
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Polite and efficient, coped with a smile to the sprinkler system coming on in the middle of the job and waited until it dried to get the job done correctly--would highly recommend!
- J D. in Leawood, KS
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Your Residential & Commercial Kansas City Asphalt Contractors

At Gorman Sealcoating & Striping we have built a reputation in West Missouri and East Kansas as a first rate Kansas City asphalt contractor that home and business love to work with. We offer fast, efficient service, dependable work, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. We value each client that we work with and believe that you should get the very best for your investment. We never cut corners or take shortcuts, and we only utilize the finest asphalt materials in the industry. We always promptly arrive, meet deadlines, and provide acurate estimates before we ever begin the job. You will appreciate the results!

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