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Kansas City Asphalt Contractor Articles

Check out the most recent articles from Gorman Sealcoating & Striping for advice and tips on asphalt repairs and maintenance, finding the right asphalt contractor in Kansas City, and more.

Great Advantages of a Professional Asphalt Repair

kansas city asphalt contractorAsphalt is one of the most popular choices for driveways and walkways across the country, and for good reason indeed. Affordable and long-lasting, asphalt makes for a great driveway for any home. Of course, it’s not immune to breakages, and these breakages can occur for a number of ... Read More

Benefits of Converting to Asphalt Driveways

kansas city asphalt contractorIt surprises many homeowners to realize there are benefits to opting for asphalt installation for your driveway. You want to be able to make good decisions as a homeowner, right down to the material you choose for your driveway. There are several options to choose from for your driveway and any road leading up to your home. These options include... Read More

Kansas City Pothole Patching Methods

kansas city asphalt contractorPotholes are an inevitable problem with asphalt, but they're also problem that is very important to have repaired. Potholes are a form of of disintegration of pavement that can be caused by poorly compacted material, raveling, cracking, base failure, or simply the aging of the pavement. They frequently appear after rainstorms or during thaw periods, which can weaken pavement... Read More

Hiring The Right Kansas City Asphalt Contractor For Your Home or Business

kansas city asphalt contractorLet's face it, residential and commercial maintenance is never fun. It's time consuming, costly, and sometimes you have absolutely know idea where to begin. This is understandable, because most home and business owners do not have the experience or skill to perform most maintenance or repair jobs. This is why hiring the right company for the right job is paramount. Too many times it's easy to take short cuts, especially with money... Read More

The Benefits of Using Asphalt For Your Hard Surface

asphalt contractor Kansas City MOWe are often asked why we use asphalt over other types of material such as concrete. This is a very good question, and we intend to answer that here. We do all numerous paving jobs throughout the year for a variety of different clients including home owners, business owners, public agencies, and so on. Asphalt products receive a very high satisfaction rating, which is one of the reason why we have continued... Read More

Should You Replace or Repair Your Asphalt?

asphalt repairs Kansas City MOWhether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you know the value of property maintenance. This is why you invest in ongoing care for all components of both your property's interior and exterior. The asphalt surface on your driveway, parking lot, or walkway is no exception. With ongoing care and maintenance... Read More

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