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Best commercial Sealcoating project Kansas City

Best commercial Sealcoating service in Kansas City

Gorman Sealcoating & Striping recently completes this Asphalt Sealcoating project for dollar general in Kansas City. This project was completed in one day in two half’s so the business was not interfered with. During the process we blocked off and re-directed traffic to the open side we the cleaned prepped and Sealcoating the first half after sufficient dry time we re-applied and straightened all the parking lines applied sherwin Williams fast set parking line paint within 30 minutes after Striping the parking lot was ready for traffic.

We waited for customers to clear the open side and repeated the process on the second half. Start to finish this project was fully completed and open for business within just 7 hours


Map of the asphalt sealcoating in Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, KS

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